Control of personal protective equipment:

To control the private protective equipment industry during a global pandemic, implements an invited member system for Personal Protective Equipment.

The organization does not possess the authority to promote personal protective equipment. Therefore, these products may only be advertised and sold by invited businesses.

You will be notified of your invitation by email or M.A. messaging. Be sure to check your email and My BuyStockLot alerts for any updates.

Those members who have not received an invitation notification by April 23, 2020, will be unable to post additional personal protective equipment on and will have to remove listings from Additionally, personal protective equipment belonging to non-invited members will continue to be removed from
On the Announcement on Strengthening Control over the Sale of Personal Protective Equipment on, you can find the following information:
⦁ The public and sale of personal protective equipment are restricted to invited users who meet specific criteria.
⦁ Notification of Invited Members: Individual members who meet's standards will be notified by email and an M.A. message. Please check your email inbox and M.A. message alerts for notifications.
⦁ Personal Protective Equipment Scope
a) Medical Personal Protective Equipment
Masks, protective gowns, goggles, surgical caps, gloves, shoe covers, infrared thermometers, ventilators, medical cleaning cloths, and disinfectants;
b) Personal Protective Equipment (non-medical) 
Masks, protective gowns, infrared thermometers, goggles, disposable hats, disposable gloves, disposable shoe covers, disinfection cloths, disinfectants, face shields
⦁ PPE must be displayed under appointed categories
From April 28, 2020, new regulations will apply to medical masks, protective medical gowns, medical goggles, medical-surgical caps, medical gloves, medical shoe covers, medical disinfection cloths, and medical disinfectants. Upload these items by April 28, and they will be moved to the new category after that. will impose penalties such as removing products from sale or deleting the products, deducting points, restricting the use of website functions, and closing accounts for violations such as maliciously evading rules, intentionally misplacing products under wrong categories, and deliberately confusing product information.
⦁ PPE requirements to be posted
⦁ Only invited members may display personal protective equipment in the appropriate categories.
⦁ Non-invited members will no longer be able to post personal protective equipment after April 23, 2020. Therefore, non-invited members should cease selling items online. PPE will be removed regularly from non-invited users' accounts by When members violate the rules, will take more extreme measures, such as removing items, reducing points.
⦁ The On-Transit Order Process
⦁ The following task can be accomplished on by invited members who are certified to operate personal protective equipment.
⦁ In the case of members without operating rights of personal protective equipment, we recommend negotiating with buyers instead of sending out products; members who wish to deliver their products to buyers must comply with the Temporary Measures on Members' Admission for Listing Personal Protective Equipment on and adhere to the requirements from locators.