Enforcement Actions:

Listing Rules & Regulations:
Adult product descriptions, including text, images, product packaging, instructions, video clips, such as sexy underwear, sexual wellness supplements, S.M. Products, sex toys, simulators, and products involving sexual information (sexy cosplay costumes, oil paintings, wallpapers, throw pillows, dice, and breast care products.) are prohibited on BuyStockLot.com.
Photographs of authentic products must not be accompanied by or copied from real people, human gestures, or other similar methods.
BuyStockLot.com requires that any images with exposed sensitive areas (including, but not limited to, female breasts or genitalia, and private parts.) be appropriately covered with materials prescribed by BuyStockLot.com.
It is crucial not to cover sensitive portions by using non-BuyStockLot.com materials/images; changes to transparency are not permitted. On the other hand, the chosen material's size, shape, and color can be altered as needed.
Descriptions of products may not include images of children or depiction of their bodies, either explicitly or implicitly.
Prohibited product listings include:
⦁ Text that suggests children or teenagers, such as "child", "kid", "infant", "underage", "schoolgirl", "teenager", "under 18 years old", or other terms that mean "young" or "little" and indicate age group
⦁ Among the non-compliant or prohibited picture characteristics are:
(1) Minors' features; a product that is less than 140cm in height should be scaled and adapted to reflect adults' appearance, figure, and body form. If explicit text or photographs reflect minors' characteristics, include those.
(2) Minors' dressing style: hairstyle (i.e., pigtails, cartoon hair clips); accessories (such as scarves, green scarves), clothing (such as school uniforms, cartoon clothes, princess dresses, children's shoes, princess socks);
(3) Minor-related scene settings: props (such as toys, schoolbags, Barbie dolls.), scenery (such as school buildings, playground equipment.);
(4) Other settings accused of promoting the idea of being "young" or "small."
Language/images that are explicit or suggestive
Non-Compliant Product Listing:
Several of the phrases and pictures in the description are either obscene, pornographic, vulgar, or indecent (for example, Fuck, Suck Dick, Asshole, Cunt, Slut, Kill you).
Violations and Disputes:
The restrictions mentioned above, as well as the BuyStockLot.com Sales Prohibition and Restriction Rules, BuyStockLot.com Intellectual Property Rights Rules, and so on (collectively, the "Rules"), should be carefully followed. For example, disciplinary action might include removing or deleting the listing, awarding penalty points, restricting access to or usage of platform features, canceling the account, and so on, depending on the severity of the situation. In addition, for violations such as willful circumvention of the Rules, purposeful misinterpretation of product information (blur and smudge, altering photographs.), deliberate miscategorization, and false or exaggerated advertising. BuyStockLot.com may take more severe disciplinary actions.