Live Animals, Plants:

Some people consider that to sell these products, they have to be qualified enough to deal with this, but on the contrary, they are not permitted to sell whether they are qualified or not.

Vividly stated that plants, seeds, bonsai, and animals are not allowed on this platform.

The following 9 categories will be closed:
Agriculture > Animal Products > Fowl & Livestock
Agriculture > Ornamental Plants > Natural Plants
Agriculture > Ornamental Plants > Bonsai
Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Crop Seeds
Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Oil Seeds
Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Vegetable Seeds
Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Fruit Grafts, Seedlings & Rootstocks
Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Flower Bulbs, Seeds & Seedlings
Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Forage Seeds

After 2020 Oct, all categories that are mentioned above will be removed by So, suppliers should remove these products from this platform, like plants, seeds, and live animals.

We have two options for you:
First, you can select another variety for business.
Second, you have the option of refunding the cash and account balance by communicating with the custom manager.

Get a hold of the custom manager to resolve this issue.

You can replace the keywords of pop up ads and exhibitions.
But if you are unable to switch keywords, then you can get back your refund.

Orders placed before November 1 are on the way. We will treat them as a stock order and fulfil it normally. Clients have to follow the rules and regulations related to national law and rules. After November 1, orders that belong to these categories will not be accepted.

You can visit this site for information related to ban items:
For further details
Contact with the custom manager.

As follows are the penalty and accounts. These will be updated from time to time.
DATE: October 1 2021
Member ID:
REASONS: Child pornography
PENALTY: Account Termination
We have neither tolerance nor forbearance about the pornography of children.
October 1 2021