Product containing controlled substances:

Under the governing system of the United States, controlled substances cannot be sold or distributed in the country. Can get further details regarding this announcement by clicking on it.
If these products are banned in the United States, then According to the law and regulation, this kind of sales and products are under their supervision. Those who do not follow their commandment and violate the rules then we will take extreme action.

You can take guidance by clicking here. We have only mentioned the reference, and has the authority to replace or add points when they consider it compulsory.

This law will be imposed on November 1, 2021. Afterward, users have to comply with the law and regulations.

You should communicate with clients and refund the cash if the order didn't forward. If the order is dispatched, then you can continue it according to the previous procedure.

This refusal is not for other countries as of the date of the FAQ. You can negotiate with the custom manager for more details. We will take into account the policies of other countries and after consideration update them on our website. Thus, stay connected with the announcement. has suspended the sale of sex dolls to the U.S. in compliance with U.S. legislation, and users are reminded to always comply with country-specific product compliance regulations.

In the United States, sex dolls are not allowed to be sold or distributed. However, masturbators such as inflatable dolls or items made of plastic, gel, or resin form memory and a touch comparable to actual human skin and muscle are sex dolls.

As of [date] (UAE time), sex doll sales to the United States have been suspended.
Suppliers may no longer provide product descriptions or draft/edit orders for U.S. buyers [xxx].

Negotiate with customers and execute refunds if necessary for orders that have not yet been shipped.
Orders that are already in transit: Complete these orders as needed.