Restricted: prohibits the following items, as well as the documentation needed:
⦁ Medical Instruments
⦁ Health foods and diet pills
⦁ Provisions for the military
⦁ Fireworks and crackers
⦁ Consultation on visas

The purchase of Class III medical equipment is not permitted on Furthermore, the uploading, displaying, and trading of such items are only permissible for sellers with the required authority, qualification, certification, or license, and such things are prohibited from being traded online.
To post such information, users must log in to the merchant console with their primary account, navigate to Certification Center > Certificate Management > Certificate Upload (or click here to log in), and upload the relevant regulatory authorization, qualification, certification, or license (formerly known as the sales ban license). Examining the required documents typically takes five days; new items may only be posted 48 hours after the claim is approved; any posting before approval may result in points deductions.
[Certifications of Qualification] requires the following legal and valid certificates from sellers who wish to upload information about Class III medical devices:
1. Obtaining a valid license that includes Class III medical devices from the appropriate authorities for medical device producers and distributors.
2. Commercial enterprises:
⦁ A business license is required.
⦁ A valid manufacturer's or distributor's license with all the necessary information (required)
⦁ Documentation of the parties' relationship, such as permission paperwork (required) does not sell health care meals or oral diet medications. Sellers must have the appropriate authority, qualification, certification, and license to upload and display product information on Such items may not be traded online.
[Certifications of Qualification]
Companies involved in the manufacturing and distributing of health care food and oral diet pills must possess a health care food license to display information related to these items. does not sell military supplies. Authorized, qualified, certified, and licensed individuals may upload and display products. However, these items are not permitted to be traded online on
[Certifications of Qualification]
The following legal and authentic certificates must be presented by sellers who want to promote and show military supply information on
1. The Company License (required)
2. An application for Military Products Manufacturers and Sellers Registration, People's Republic of China Military Products Export License, or agreement between an exporting firm and a manufacturer. prohibits the sale of flammable or combustible items, such as fireworks, firecrackers, and igniters. In addition, a seller must have qualifications, certification, and license to upload and display product information on These items cannot be traded online.
[Certifications of Qualification]
Pyrotechnics and firecrackers information on must be accompanied by the following legal and legitimate certificates:
1. The Safe Manufacturing License for Fireworks and Firecrackers is for manufacturers of fireworks and firecrackers.
2. Licenses (wholesale or retail) for fireworks and firecracker distributors are required. does not offer Visa services for sale. Products should only be uploaded and displayed on by sellers with the required authority, qualification, certification, or license. Online trading is not permitted for such items.
[Certifications of Qualification]
A valid Business License is required for visa service providers.

Tobacco juice won't be available in flavors since e-cigarettes are prohibited from containing it.

Herbal cigarettes, including tobacco or nicotine, will be classified as regular cigarettes. does not permit the sale of e-cigarette equipment and accessories.
Analysis of Restrictions and Bans:
⦁ Cigarettes and tobacco products 
Information and products related to tobacco cannot be posted or released on Transgressions will result in the removal of merchandise and a six-point penalty. E.g., cigarettes and cigars, Tobacco items, namely chewing tobacco, raw tobacco, hookah tobacco, and tobacco leaves.
⦁ Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids
On, sellers of disposable e-cigarette equipment and accessories, essence/perfume, and e-liquid bottles are prohibited from publishing product descriptions, including e-liquid information and displaying e-liquid images. E-liquids containing nicotine and other hazardous chemicals have been outlawed or heavily regulated worldwide since they carry health risks. Sellers who place images of e-liquids on tobacco juice bottles will have their goods removed and sanctioned with a one-point penalty for each violation. E.g., E-liquids for use in electronic cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes, e-cigarette accessories containing liquid nicotine or tobacco nicotine.
⦁ Ingredients and Tobacco Processing Machines prohibits the sale of tobacco, tobacco products, and tobacco processing machinery. China-based sellers are the only ones allowed to post the products mentioned above on, while sellers from other countries cannot do so.
⦁ Tobacco Pictures
It is illegal for sellers of disposable e-cigarette devices, essences, and e-liquid packages to publish their prices product prescriptions, including e-liquid information, or to display e-liquid images on In addition, we forbid dealers of tobacco juice bottles and tobacco essence from exhibiting paintings of e-liquids. This rule will result in a one-point penalty.

The respective brands must approve items offered for sale on the site. The platform will not accept brand authorization documents from a seller who has received a complaint about the seller or its product(s) from a brand owner or other third party (" Respondent").
The following types of documents can be used for brand authorization:
⦁ For direct permission:
Authorization procedure: Seller A (authorizing) Owner A
⦁ Owner A is the authorized party.
⦁ A seller's membership records in must match that of the authorized party, Seller A.
⦁ A seller's authorization to sell the owner's items.
⦁ Permission is still valid and in effect.
⦁ Signatures of the authorized party are required.
⦁ For Indirect permission:
Authorization procedure: Owner B (authorizing) Party B (sub-authorizing) Seller B
By Owner B to Party B:
⦁ Owner B is the authorized party.
⦁ Party B is the official party.
⦁ Party B was authorized to sell Owner B's products to third parties.
⦁ The authorization is currently valid and in effect.
⦁ An authorized party must sign signatures.
By Party B to Seller B:
⦁ Party B is the authorized party.
⦁ Seller B must have matching details in BuyStockLot's system with Seller B's membership records.
⦁ Authorization for Seller B to sell Owner B's items.
⦁ Permission is still valid and in effect.
⦁ Signatures of authorized parties are required. In addition, in the case of a legal party, the authorizing party's official seal must be affixed to the permission document.
⦁ Genuine product proof: 
The proof is necessary to prove the source of a product. Documents include an agreement, a formal sales invoice, a shipping invoice, a receipt, a certificate of authorization issued by the brand owners to distributors.
The following information must be included in the evidence:
⦁ Names of the seller and buyer involved in the transaction.
⦁ The material should contain details about the brand and the product, including its name, model.
⦁ The vendor must purchase at least 20 items.
⦁ Documents must have been issued within the past three months.
⦁ Both the buyer's and seller's signatures must appear on the invoice.
⦁ Any certification and appeal documents the seller provides must be genuine and non-editable. The platform retains the right to take action against the seller and its products if any information provided by the seller is found to be false, fraudulent, or misleading, whether by the platform, a third party, or another verifying party.

To make your communication secure and easy, you can chat on buystocklot's messenger, and we have a record for future reference.
Track them:
Competently communicate with your suppliers or buyers. It Doesn't matter if you want to talk through call, video, voice message, and you can inspect the product.
Chat wherever you want:
you can communicate with suppliers or buyers where you are comfortable talking to them.
Buyer sends messages:
We provide the facility to the buyer of sending messages with real-time translation.
Easily place an order:
Place your order, and suppliers will provide you as you wish.
We will secure your message for two purposes:
In the case of conflict
In the case of disagreement

We strongly prohibit our customers' chat outside the website because of fair justice in the case of conflict or dispute.
What is the method to use trade messenger?
You have to option by pressing on them to achieve your task.
Have your suppliers by using a feature of trade messenger
Press the highlight of "contact supplier" to get details
Click on "chat now" to commence your talk.
Web trade messenger:
Start your chat with suppliers or buyers, and you can see your conversation for 365 days. Click on chat now.
Organize at one place:
have an opportunity to manage your orders, chat, details, requests on the message centre.
Set messenger at the desktop:
You can set messenger on the desktop for your comfort outside the website and get a notification without opening the website that service is available on V76.

Have an opportunity for buyers and suppliers to place their trade assurance orders.
Select a product on
After that, you can press the feature "start order" to place the order and can get information about the supplier by clicking on "Contact supplier." Then the supplier will send the order to you.
You can directly place an order:
Visit the website to place your order directly by clicking on "order with trade assurance order."
you will select a product and easily place your order by pressing "add the contract."
Now, arrange your order on the order management page.

You have various ways to pay:
western union
online bank payment
credit card
Transfer online
If you are still confused about paying method, then kindly click on the way for further details.
You can pay by utilizing these methods, but if you want to use another way to pay, then is not responsible.

The method you use for shipping will give you an answer to your question. Additionally, You can track through 17TRACK if you choose the express shipment.
Moreover, you can have your order by checking manually in the order system when it reaches.
Shipment can confirm the order automatically if you are unable to confirm the order manually.
Through express, it will take 15 days.
But if you are unable to get your order within 15 days, then a date will extend to 10 days, and when it reaches, you can confirm your order.
by air, it will take 30 days
by land, it will take 60 days
by overseas, it will take 11 days has taken the responsibility of order to delivery. So in this process, there's any problem happens like dispute, quality problem as the buyer expected it was not then our team will tackle this issue efficiently.
If any issue occurs, then no need to worry because trade assurance is here to deal with this situation. In this respect:
You have connected with suppliers at trade assurance.
Make sure you have used messenger chat, not another app, to negotiate. That's why we secure your conversation in the case of conflict.
You will have to create a contract on and mention their product and accurate price. If you select your transportation service, then secure the receipt, we could share it in the case of conflict.
Use valid methods for pay like TT OR Through bank.
If you find any problem, report your issue so that takes action after filing your report.
Note: you can report before the shipment date that is within 3O days.

Through seven ways, you can inspect your order on trade assurance:
While drafting a trade assurance order, you can ask the supplier to provide this service.
Buyer before seven days of shipment, have the inspection service. But to get this service, they have to pay separately.
You can follow the commands of the inspector's Inquiry about the order and place the order.
Now, be ready for payment.
Have a service to check the status of my orders.
After the inspection related to your order, you can get the report within two or three days.
You can write your feedback about this service.
For more details, you can email us.

Your order will reach, according to the contract mention date. You can check the details by clicking view more.

Give your feedback by the following instruction:
For this, you will have to click on write review now, will write feedback for your order.
Fill in the required details and submit them.

You can only open conflict between parties when you have submitted the cash. Two ways to sign in Sign in through pc

  • or through
  • To open up from the computer, kindly pursue these steps:
  • Find out the feature of order, click on all orders to know further details.
  • Now, press the part of "apply for the refund" to familiarize yourself with the conflict on the detail page.
  • After that, the form will open, write complete details, and submit it.
  • The supplier will answer back now to your complaint form.
You can sign in from
  • Visit the mange order page, click order for order details.
  • There will be "apply for a refund" click on it.
  • After that, the form will open, write complete information, and submit it.
  • The supplier will answer back now to your complaint form.

First, submit your request to cancel the order at any time, In the case of a dispute.
You can go to view the refund application on all orders for dispute details.
Now, Press cancel refund request. takes two types of complaints:
The order didn't reach
The buyer didn't pay the amount for the order.
You will log in to the complaint department of
Now, select the conflict.
Write down the details on the complaint form to submit your complaint.

To tell the accurate timing of settling the case is not sure.
There are several reasons:

  • Because of not sufficient evidence
  • Due to not responding
We are trying our best to fix your problem, so support us.