Rules for Product Compliance:

Depending on the IPR claim listed on the Appeal page, you will need to send the supporting documents.
Here are some examples of supporting papers for IPR appeals:
  Following are the types of evidence necessary for appeals (choose one to submit).
This screenshot shows an order I placed on BuyStockLot that predates the complainant's copyright publication/patent application.
Snapshot of the Order
If you are ordering through BuyStockLot, you should provide a screenshot of your order details so that BuyStockLot can verify your order. As the information cannot be verified, proof of transactions from other websites is not accepted. Therefore, it is necessary to take a snapshot of the transaction, including the website address, the order number, the transaction time, and details about the buyer and the brand. (The product depicted in the transaction record must match the images, technical specifications, artistic works pictured in the claim document.)
Orders must be received before the complainant's copyright publication/patent application.
As long as the order was placed on the BuyStockLot platform, it does not have to be the sales record of the store that received the claim.
The product was publicly posted before the complainant filed a patent application.
Publication evidence
Copyrighted works published on SINA or in newspapers, journals, books.
An image of a website snapshot must include a link to the website.
It must be earlier than the complainant's copyright publication/patent application date.
I have proof that I obtained the I.P. before the complaint was filed.
Please submit your copyright certificate and the copyright registration page if you are claiming infringement. Your certificate's registration date must be earlier than the complainant's copyright publication date.
Please send your patent certificate if you received a patent infringement claim. Your certificate application date must be earlier than the complainant's patent application date, and your patent information must match the details of the product that was the subject of the claim.
Authorization for the original image/photo (applies to claims concerning illegally copied website images)
Authentic images
Original photos must not be too small. You can post images up to 5M in size on the appeal page.
"Original pictures" refer to photographs that have been exported directly from a camera, cellphone, or another device without editing.
Image usage authorization:
Validation from the rightful owner/complainant.
The use of images/text must be explicitly stated in the authorization form.
The permission document must bear the official seal of the owner of the intellectual property right.
It is essential to understand the difference between authorization for sales and authorization for picture use. Copyright issues regarding unlawfully reproduced website pictures are involved here and have nothing to do with sales authorization.
Evidence of differentiation
Patent for utility model/invention: Demonstration of distinction
Analysis of utility model/invention claims as they relate to those of the product that is claimed.
Patented designs: Proof of distinction
Comparing the complainant's product photos (6 sides) with the claimant's (6 sides).
Copyrighted work: A demonstration of merit
Comparison of the protected work with the goods for which the claim was made.
You should keep in mind that the information on appeal claims is provided for your convenience only. Depending on the circumstances, the proof needed for appeals varies in practice.
Source of legal procurement

The term "legal procurement source" refers to proof of purchase or permission that can demonstrate your items were acquired legally. Depending on your procurement sources, you can pick which proof to present.
Authorization documentation:
Complete authorization connection (e.g., IPR owner B.C. supplier).
In the proof of authorization, every step of approval from the IPR owner to the shop owner must be documented.
Valid proof of authorization must have been on file before the claim date.
Permission must be verified by giving details about the relevant product, including the brand name, model number.
The official seal of t
he authorizer must accompany the authorization.
Purchase receipt/invoice:
Complete purchasing chain (e.g., IPR owner B.C. supplier)
Each purchase step must be documented on the proof of purchase from the IPR owner to the store owner.
Proof of purchase/invoice must include the following details: corresponding brand name, model number, other product information, quantity ordered (must match the number of items sold), price, date of purchase (must predate claim), purchaser, the seller.
Proof of purchase must bear the seal of the seller, seal of sale.
You must provide evidence that your activity occurred before the complainant's intellectual property right was formed (applies to IPR claims concerning improper use of copyright, invention patent, design patent, or utility model patent of others)

Here are the rules governing's product compliance requirements.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Improved control over the sale of personal protective equipment on is tightening its grip on selling personal protective equipment on its site in light of the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, as of the date of this notification, only invited members will be able to sell personal protective equipment on
Non-invited members will no longer be able to post and sell personal protective equipment. members who intentionally circumvent rules, deliberately mismatch products and their corresponding details, post false, misleading, exaggerated advertisements, or break any other platform rule will face penalties ranging from product listing removal to point deduction.
As of April 23, 2020, the announcement will be effective. appreciates your support.
October 1, 2021

Members of,
To comply with applicable laws and market regulations of different countries, prohibits posting and selling products containing the words "COVID-19," "Coronavirus," or implied meanings regarding the virus or its treatment. The notification is effective in October 2021.
By the above-mentioned effective date, members may not post, use, or release any text containing the words "COVID-19" or "Coronavirus" in any language, or text, photos, or videos in any platform containing the variants, acronyms, abbreviations, or code names of COVID-19. This includes product information pages (e.g., product titles, rule numbers, and product descriptions). Additionally, members must not claim in any text, images, or videos that their products can detect, prevent, treat, cure, or increase immunity to COVID-19.
Examples include:
COVID-19, Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, and SARS-CoV-2 
Expressions linking COVID-19 to a specific location or race.
All BuyStockLot members are encouraged to do a self-check and remove any posts that contain the above information. Items that violate the rules mentioned above will be removed from Accordingly, will take corresponding measures for members who refuse to rectify violations despite repeated warnings, have committed repeated violations, have been criticized by regulatory authorities or denounced by the media, or have committed other serious offenses. Among these measures are the removal of product information, the blocking of stores from viewability, the restriction of members' access to product-related services, and the freezing or termination of accounts.
Your patience and support are greatly appreciated.
October March 2021 members, has been actively monitoring members' non-compliant conduct in advertising for sale, acquiring, selling, and importing medical products since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). To protect global members' interests and maintain a healthy trading environment, members must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to medical supplies in the target countries (including, but not limited to, licensing requirements and registration requirements for medical supplies and rules regarding advertising medical supplies and price gouging). Please discuss product standards, estimated delivery date, pricing, and customs clearance procedures with the members before placing any orders.
Among the non-compliant actions punished by include deliberate miscategorization, exaggerated or false advertising, price gouging, and incorrect information. Any non-compliant behavior should be reported to the link.
Your patience and support have been greatly appreciated throughout this worldwide pandemic.
October 2021

Customers of,
The sale, distribution, and import of specific COVID-19 related personal protective equipment and health goods (collectively, "Health Products") in Canada are subject to local licensing or registration requirements under Canadian law. Therefore, sellers and purchasers are urged to follow all relevant rules in Canada and other countries in importing and distributing Health Products. thus declares that it will discontinue the sale of any Health Products that do not fulfill the local regulations of applicable countries. This announcement will take effect in October 2021.
It is recommended that you contact purchasers of health products or professional organizations proactively to verify any relevant local licensing requirements. Additionally, our site policy may change due to the change in all applicable regulations around the world. For any questions, please call 400-826-1688.
Thank you for your patience!
October 2021 members, In compliance with various laws and regulations from different countries, BuyStockLot has decided to prohibit COVID-19-related testing items from sale on its website. Accordingly, all such listings will be taken down. Once made public, this announcement will take effect in October 2021. Members will be unable to publish any goods that represent or suggest using such products for COVID-10 testing purposes beginning October 2021. Hopefully, members will start delisting relevant items very soon after performing self-checks. In addition, based on the severity of the situation, may apply sanctions such as removal, deletion, prohibition of product posting, or account termination in the event of misinformation, purposeful miscategorization, exaggerated/false advertising, or other violations. We appreciate your interest in and support of! ​ October 2021

Dear BuyStockLot customers: Several dubious vendors have been selling medical goods since the Novel Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). As a result, consumers are urged to choose their providers carefully. To aggressively defend the legitimate interests of buyers, BuyStockLot will further increase the assessment of merchant credentials and maintain the sequence of transactions during the outbreak. If trade irregularities and fraud are established, the providers will face severe penalties following applicable regulations. October 2021