ALFANZYME Naivedyam Chemical Free Jaggery Powder - 500gm Pouch - Extracted from pure sugarcane juice and ladies finger extract

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Enjoy the Purity & Goodness of Jaggery

The purity of ALFANZYME Naivedyam Chemical-Free Jaggery Powder, meticulously crafted from the essence of pure sugarcane juice and enriched with the natural goodness of ladies finger extract. This 500g of jaggery powder offers a healthier alternative to refined sugar, devoid of any chemicals or additives. The unique combination of sugarcane juice and ladies finger extract imparts a distinct flavor and aroma, perfect for enhancing the taste of your favorite beverages, desserts, and dishes. Conveniently packaged in a jar, this jaggery powder is easy to store and use, ensuring freshness and flavor preservation. Embrace the wholesome sweetness of ALFANZYME Naivedyam Chemical-Free Jaggery Powder and elevate your culinary experience. Discover the natural sweetness of Alfanzyme Naivedyam jaggery powder. Made from pure sugarcane, Alfanzyme Naivedyam jaggery is rich in minerals and free from chemicals, offering a healthier alternative to refined sugar.

Why Naivedyam Jaggery Powder?

  1. Chemical-free: Naivedyam Jaggery Powder is produced without the use of harmful chemicals.
  2. Rich in Nutrients: Unlike refined sugar, jaggery powder retains essential vitamins.
  3. Natural Flavor: Naivedyam Jaggery Powder has a distinct, rich flavor
  4. Versatile: It can be used in various recipes, including sweets & beverages.
  5. Digestive Health: Jaggery is known for its digestive properties.

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