Discover the enchanting world of Aromafresh: a rotating air freshener for every room

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Discover the enchanting world of Aromafresh: a rotating air freshener for every room.
Transform your retail offer with the Aromafresh rotating air freshener, which combines elegance, functionality, and the peaceful scent of lemon. Perfect for those looking to enhance their car, office, or home ambiance, Aromafresh is more than just a scent diffuser; it's a statement of style and harmony.

Why Aromafresh stands out:

Versatile use: Ideal for any environment—whether it's your car, office, or home—Aromafresh brings a refreshing atmosphere wherever it goes.

Refreshing lemon scent: Immerse yourself in the pleasant and invigorating scent of lemon that lasts a long time without the alcohol content.

Solar-powered elegance: watch the air freshener spin elegantly, powered by solar energy and adding a dynamic visual element to your space.

Quality and design: made of high-quality metal alloy, its durable design ensures a long life and adds a touch of sophistication.

Available in three different colors to match personal styles and preferences:
Silver (SKU: nofreS) - 151 pieces
Black (SKU: nofreBL) - 514 pieces
Red (SKU: nofreRE) - 1030 pieces

Product Specifications:
Material: High-quality metal alloy
Size: 58 × 57 mm
Weight: 244 g
The perfect aromatic gift, combining utility with aesthetics.
Priced to order in bulk - perfect for your business:

100 to 499 units = 4,18€ per unit
500 to 999 units = 3,87 € per unit
1000 to 1660 units = €3.72 per unit

Improve your inventory with Aromafresh today!

Stock up with Aromafresh rotating air fresheners and offer your customers an innovative solution to refresh their environment. With our attractive bulk pricing and choice of colors, your business can enjoy a profitable addition while meeting the demand for high-quality, unique air fresheners. Ideal for retailers looking to diversify their product range with a product that combines functionality with luxury. Order now and enchant your customers with the fascinating world of Aromafresh! 

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