Introducing the AngleMaster Angle Drilling Tool Set: manufacturing elevated to precision and simplicity!

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Introducing the AngleMaster Angle Drilling Tool Set: manufacturing elevated to precision and simplicity!

Are you ready to enhance the range of essential tools in your shop, cater to professional craftsmen, and empower DIYers with a versatile and high-quality drilling kit? Look no further than our AngleMaster Angle Drilling Tool Set—the ultimate companion for precision woodworking and furniture assembly.

Master craftsmanship with AngleMaster:

14-piece kit for complete solutions: the AngleMaster kit contains 14 essential pieces that offer a complete solution for attaching sides to cabinets, beds, drawers, and various pieces of furniture. This is your all-round tool for woodworking projects.

Incredibly easy to use: AngleMaster takes the complexity out of woodworking. Craftsmen and DIYers will appreciate the user-friendly design that ensures accurate and efficient drilling every time.

Made from quality aluminium that won't rust: quality and durability are important. The AngleMaster is made from top-quality aluminum, which not only ensures a long service life but also remains rust-free, even after prolonged use.

Extremely precise 15-degree drilling guide: precision is key when woodworking and the AngleMaster provides an extremely precise 15-degree drilling guide. Achieve precise angles with ease, whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner.

Pocket-sized portability: take your AngleMaster wherever your woodworking projects take you. Its compact, pocket-sized design ensures you have a reliable tool by your side, whether you're on-site or in the workshop.

We understand the needs of business owners like you, with the goal of providing quality tools while maximizing profitability. We offer attractive bulk price discounts to support your business goals:

For orders from 50 to 299 units: price per set - 4,29 €

for orders from 300 to 999 units: Kit price - € 3.96

for orders from 1000 to 1600 units: Set price - 3,63 €

Now is the time to stock up on AngleMaster Angle Angle Drilling Tool Sets and cater to customers looking for precision and efficiency in their woodworking projects. Be the destination of choice for hardware stores, carpentry shops, and DIYers looking to elevate their craft.

Improve your inventory, enhance your business, and empower craftsmen and DIYers with the AngleMaster Angle Drilling Tool Kit. Act now to secure this essential addition to your shop's offerings and take woodworking to new heights of precision and ease! 

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