Upgrade your pet care with DryPaw Pet Towels - size L (70 × 140 cm)

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Upgrade your pet care with DryPaw Pet Towels - size L (70 × 140 cm)
Introducing the luxurious DryPaw pet towel in generous size L - 70 × 140 cm! This is the best solution to keep your furry companions dry, warm and happy after every bath. As a retailer with a discerning eye for quality, you won't want to miss this opportunity to stock up on these fantastic pet towels.

Why DryPaw pet towels are a must:

Extremely soft and warm: DryPaw pet towels are designed for unparalleled softness and warmth, ensuring your pets are comfortably spread out.

Relaxation for anxious pets: anxious pets will find comfort and peace in the gentle embrace of these towels during and after bathing.

Super absorbent: Our microfiber towels are incredibly absorbent, making the drying process efficient and hassle-free.

Suitable for all pets: Designed for pets of all shapes and sizes, these towels are a versatile addition to your pet care range.

Easy to clean: Keeping pet towels clean is a breeze - pet fur is easy to shake off, keeping it fresh and hygienic.

Exclusive prices

We offer exclusive prices to our valued retailers based on order quantity:

50 to 99 units = EUR 6.37 per unit

100 to 299 units = EUR 5,88 per unit

300 to 2900 units = EUR 5,39 per unit

Let your pet care collection shine with DryPaw pet towels

DryPaw pet towels are designed to make bathing a pleasant and comfortable experience for pets of all kinds. These oversized towels offer superior softness and warmth, making bath time a pleasure for your customers' pets. The highly absorbent microfibre material ensures a quick and efficient drying process, and the generous 70 × 140 cm size caters to pets of all sizes. Stock up now to elevate your pet care collection and become the preferred destination for pet owners looking for quality and warmth. Upgrade your inventory with DryPaw pet towels today! 

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