Introducing the revolutionary SolarProtect folding car sunshade - your ultimate sun shield! - Size: 46 × 140 cm

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Introducing the revolutionary SolarProtect folding car sunshade - your ultimate sun shield! - Size: 46 × 140 cm - description

Enhance your range of car accessories with the high-quality and durable SolarProtect folding car sunshade. This innovative product is a must-have for every car owner who wants to protect their vehicle from the harsh rays of the sun. Ideal for car shops, online retailers and specialist car accessory stores who want to offer their customers top-quality, practical solutions.

Why SolarProtect is changing the game for car owners:

Maximum UV protection: keeps your vehicle cooler and protects the interior from UV damage and maintains its condition.

Effective temperature reduction: significantly lowers the temperature inside the car and ensures comfort even in extreme heat.

Hassle-free installation: Comes with suction cups for a firm and stable fit, making installation and removal easy.

Durable and reflective material: made of lightweight but extremely durable aluminium foil, known for its high reflectivity.

Flexible size: Designed to be cut and adjusted to fit the windscreen perfectly, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Foldable design: Easy to use and store, thanks to the user-friendly folding mechanism.

Universal Fit: Suitable for most vehicles and easy to clean, making it a versatile choice for all car owners.

Enhanced driving experience: provides a more pleasant driving experience by keeping the interior of the vehicle cooler.

Product specifications:

Size: 46 × 140 cm

Material: aluminium

Includes two suction cups for installation

Bulk order pricing - perfect for dealers:

100 to 499 units = 4,59€ per unit

500 to 999 units = 4,25 € per unit

1000 to 1400 units = 4,08 € per unit

Stock up with SolarProtect sunshades today!

Offer your customers a SolarProtect retractable sunshade and help them protect their vehicles from the harmful effects of the sun. With our attractive bulk pricing and a product that appeals to a wide range of car owners, your business can enjoy a profitable add-on while offering an innovative product in high demand. Ideal for retailers looking to expand their car accessories offering with a practical and effective solution. Order now and keep your customers' cars cool and protected!

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