Introducing the IcyCup beverage cooler: instant refreshment, anytime, anywhere!

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Introducing the IcyCup beverage cooler: instant refreshment anytime, anywhere!

Elevate your store's accessories collection with the IcyCup beverage cooler, designed for those who enjoy their beverages chilled to perfection. It is ideal for kitchen appliance stores, outdoor gear stores, and online retailers looking to offer a unique, convenient solution to keeping drinks cold.

Why the IcyCup beverage cooler is a must:

Instant Cooling Technology: With a semiconductor cooling chip, the IcyCup can quickly cool your drinks without the need for ice while maintaining their original taste and strength.

Versatile and handy, the IcyCup is a personal ice bucket and mini fridge rolled into one. Whether it's a can, a bottle, or a cup of juice, the IcyCup ensures complete cooling in a short time.

Portable Design: Compact and easy to carry, this beverage cooler is perfect for use at home, in the office, or while traveling. It ensures you can enjoy a cold beverage wherever you are.

Summer Essential: An essential device for summer that provides relief from the heat with your favorite chilled drink, ready at a moment's notice.

Ideal for social gatherings: It is perfect for parties, picnics, barbecues, and all get-togethers where cold drinks are a must.

Available color variants with SKU codes:

White (Code: brrcu_00) - 1535 pieces
Blue (Code: brrcu_30) - 405 pieces

Bulk order pricing - ideal for sellers:

100 to 399 units = €15.39 per unit
400 to 999 units = €14.25 per unit
1000 to 1900 units = €12.54 per unit

Improve your inventory with IcyCup beverage coolers today!

Could you provide your customers with the ultimate solution for enjoying chilled beverages with the IcyCup Beverage Cooler Stock?

With our attractive bulk pricing and two stylish color options, your business can enjoy a profitable addition while offering an innovative product in high demand. It is ideal for retailers looking to expand their range of summer essentials with a product that combines functionality, style, and convenience. Order now and let your customers beat the heat with the refreshing power of the IcyCup Beverage Cooler!

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