Ugandan vanilla beans

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Ugandan vanilla beans, recognized for their exceptional quality and flavor, are a premium ingredient in the culinary world. These beans belong to the Planifolia species, specifically the Bourbon variety, which is highly valued for its rich aroma and taste. They are classified as gourmet grade, indicating their superior quality.

The moisture content of these beans is meticulously maintained below 30%, ensuring they retain their plumpness and flavor. A significant characteristic of these Ugandan vanilla beans is their high vanillin content, which exceeds 2.5%. This high level of vanillin is responsible for the beans' intense flavor and aroma, making them ideal for a variety of culinary uses.

Each bean weighs above 3 grams, indicating their substantial size and quality. The length of each bean is another impressive feature, with each pod measuring over 16 centimeters. This size is indicative of their maturity and flavor intensity.

In terms of appearance, these beans have a dark chocolate brown color, a trait that visually distinguishes them and suggests their richness in flavor.

Regarding pricing, the cost of these Ugandan vanilla beans is $85 per kilogram, and this price is exclusive of customs duties. This means the stated price does not include any additional import taxes or fees that might be imposed by customs upon their arrival in Dubai. Potential buyers should consider these extra costs when planning their purchase.

For anyone looking to acquire Ugandan vanilla beans, it's recommended to explore sources like VanillaPura, Vanilla Bean Kings, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, and The Vanilla Bean Market for more detailed information and purchasing options

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