Ignite your child's creativity - the KidArt wholesale finger painting kit! Enhance your store's art offer!

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Ignite your child's creativity - the KidArt wholesale finger painting kit! Enhance your store's art offer! 
Calling all art lovers and shop owners! We are thrilled to present an exclusive wholesale opportunity for a KidArt Finger Painting Kit - the ultimate creative tool to spark your child's imagination and provide endless fun on rainy days. Whether you're teaching art or looking for a fabulous pastime, finger painting is sure to entertain you and your little Picasso. This creative play time helps develop important sensory skills and fine motor skills while allowing your child to enjoy quality time with you.

Why choose a KidArt Finger Painting Kit for your store:

Encourage creativity and cognitive development: foster artistic expression! The KidArt kit stimulates creativity and cognitive growth in young minds.

Fun and easy finger painting: immerse yourself in joy! Finger painting is fun and easy, making it perfect for children of all ages.

Safe and non-toxic paints: prioritize safety! Non-toxic paints are safe for little hands and easily wash off fingers for a mess-free experience.

The perfect gift idea: Celebrate special occasions! This set is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift to spark joy and artistic exploration.

Family-friendly fun: bring the family together! Finger painting brings the whole family together for moments of shared creativity.

Transform artistic playtime:

The KidArt Finger Painting Kit will revolutionise your child's playtime, stimulate their imagination, and foster a love of art that will last a lifetime.

Unbeatable wholesale package:

Competitive starting price: the KidArt Finger Painting Kit wholesale price starts at €2.5 per kit and offers exceptional value for a wonderful art experience.

Enjoy price offers depending on the quantity of kits:

50 to 199 sets: €3.25 per set (30% discount)
200 to 499 sets: €3.0 per set (20% discount)
500 to 3800 sets: 2,75€ per set (10% discount)
Enhance the artistic offer of your shop:

Start your own shop with a KidArt Finger Painting Set and become a popular destination for art lovers looking for creative play supplies. This versatile set will be a valued addition to your shop's art collection.

Note: Limited wholesale slots available - act now to secure your KidArt Finger Painting Kits!

Contact us today to secure your wholesale order of KidArt Finger Painting Kits and elevate your customers' art experiences to new heights!

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