Introducing the UniDrill Drill Set: the ultimate drilling solution for professionals and DIYers!

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Introducing the UniDrill Drill Set: the ultimate drilling solution for professionals and DIYers alike - description

Transform your drilling experience with our new UniDrill step drill set. This 5-piece set is a breakthrough in drilling technology, designed to create holes efficiently and easily in a variety of materials. Ideal for hardware stores, home stores and online retailers who want to offer their customers top quality tools.

Why the Unidrill Step Drill Bit Set is a must:

Versatility at its best: Replace the entire range of 50 different drill bits with this compact, 5-piece set. It's all your customers will ever need for most drilling tasks.

Excellence with titanium: Each bit is made from durable titanium-coated high-speed steel, ensuring fast and smooth cutting through metal, PVC and wood.

Precision and safety: These bits are designed to fit securely into the chuck of any power tool, reducing slippage and increasing safety while working.

Durable storage solution: Comes with a high-quality, solid aluminium case to keep parts organised and easy to transport.

Wide material compatibility: ideal for drilling through steel, aluminium, copper, PVC panels and wood boards, making them perfect for a wide range of projects.

Bulk order pricing - more units, more savings!

50 to 499 units = €9.24 per unit

500 to 699 units = €8.56 per unit

700 to 1000 units = 8,22 € per unit

Raise your inventory with UniDrill

Offer your customers the efficiency and versatility of the UniDrill step drill set. With our attractive bulk pricing, your business can enjoy a profitable addition while providing high-quality and innovative tools. Ideal for bulk buyers in the construction, home renovation and domestic sectors. Order now and equip your customers with the tools they need to drill smarter, not harder!

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